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Instagram is testing a new feature that mimics other social media platforms / Digital Information World

A new report from Tech Crunch highlights Instagram’s new test. But it’s quite unique, to say the least.

The social media app is experimenting with a new feature designed to mimic other social media platforms. It’s called “Reposts” and it’s done to embed another person’s content into your personal timeline.

You can tell the feature is more or less like Twitter’s “Retweets” feature, where we see shares between apps like Facebook and Tumblr. These are also being experimented with on rival platform TikTok.

The news comes to us thanks to Matt Navarre who first highlighted repost function and talked in detail about what app users can expect soon.

The social media expert also shared images via a thread on the app last Wednesday. But we can’t forget that it’s not the first time we hear about it. Alessandro Paluzzi was the first to notice its evolution during the month of May of this year.

This clearly means that the app has been working on this particular feature for quite some time now. Instagram wrote that the new development is essentially another way to share good things with your followers.

But let’s not forget that sharing another creator’s post for their own followers to witness isn’t something very new to app users. We were lucky enough to get this chance, but only through DMs or the Story option in the app.

The only difference now is that this particular test allows users to share any post on streams without having to screenshot or repost or even go through other sources.

If you are an Instagram enthusiast, we bet you have even witnessed how your Instagram app has even brought changes to sharing on different platforms. Now you have the option to share content with apps like Snap, Messenger and WhatsApp before sharing it via DMs. Again, this is quite similar to the approach used by TikTok.

As you can see, there’s a lot of following in the TikTok approach right now. But we know of a test that Instagram suspended. This tied in with generating a more AI-based feed full of full-screen images and videos. How’s that for a complete makeover in the world of TikTok?

Meanwhile, there’s talk of a new test where users can mark posts as indifferent so the algorithm knows your likes and dislikes better.

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