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How to Suggest Brands to Sponsor Your Social Media Content

  • Jen Glantz is an entrepreneur and the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire.
  • She landed brand sponsorships for her podcast and newsletter by introducing herself directly to them.
  • Explain why you’re unique, says Glantz, to show the brand why it would benefit from working with you.

When I launched my first newsletter in 2015 and my podcast in 2018, I had one goal in mind: to create engaging and valuable content and grow my audience. Over the next few years, through consistent content creation, giveaways, and social media promotion, I grew my newsletter and podcast to over 100,000 subscribers.

Last year, I decided to finally monetize my podcast and newsletter by working with brands that I respected and personally used as a consumer. Since I don’t have an agent or manager who takes care of the business development of my content feeds, it was up to me to contact different brands, negotiate deals and secure profitable advertising sponsorships.

To get started, I first spent a few weeks making a list of brands I wanted to work with. I selected a total of 15 companies, services and products that I really liked and used regularly. Then I used contact tracing services like and SignalHire to research the person at each company who was responsible for managing partnerships and find their email address.

After that, I sent an introductory email. Although not all of these companies responded or agreed to work with me, a few did, and I was able to secure my first round of brand partners that brought in a few thousand dollars in ad sponsorships.

Here is the exact email template I used.

Intro email

Expensive [Name of partnership manager],

I am [Name]. It’s really wonderful to meet you online! I come to your inbox today hoping to discuss more of a partnership in 2022.

I have been a real fan and consumer of [Specific product, service, or business] because [Year] and I discovered that not only did it help [What you like about the service or product] but it is also [Another thing you adore about the service or product].

As a content creator since [Year]I’m very picky about what I share with my audience and only want to share with them brands that I respect and trust.

This is why I would like to discuss a partnership with [Name of brand] in 2022. My audience cares about [Topic, problem, or need that ties into the brand’s values or goals] and I know they would love to know more about [Name of brand].

A little about me and my [Podcast, newsletter, or social platform]:

  • [Share your three-line elevator pitch of your podcast, newsletter, or social media channels]
  • [Share what makes you unique or different from other content creators]
  • [Share the demographics of your audience and why they fit with the audience the brand cares about]
  • [Share data on how many subscribers you have and metrics around engagement, growth, etc.]

When it comes to partnering with [Name of brand]I’d like to discuss the possibility of working together to create newsletter ads, social media collaborations, and special promotions that I can offer to my audience through an affiliate model.

I am attaching my media kit for more details and hope to hear from you soon.

All my wishes,


Once you know who you want to work with, you can use this template to pitch your podcast or newsletter to them. While not every brand you contact is interested or available to work with you, some will say yes.

Others might even provide you with feedback on what you can do so they’ll be interested in working with you later, whether you need to increase your subscriber count, produce a certain type of content, or… achieve specific commitment measures.

Ultimately, I’ve found it pays to be proactive in seeking brand partnerships. Whether you have 1,000 or 100,000 followers, there are brands that work with all types of content creators.

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