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How to Properly Sell Your Services on Social Media Platforms

While most of us sell something – usually professional services – none of us should ever have to sell anything on LinkedIn when we’re using the platform correctly.

LinkedIn posts and blog posts are at the top of your sales funnel – they’re meant to serve as an introduction to others.

So all you have to do is demonstrate your expertise and provide free and useful information that reinforces your position as an expert in the field. When you do this, you are essentially selling without having to sell.

Selling openly discourages people and makes them feel uncomfortable. But when you show what you do, you show instead WHY you are the best at what you do. You stay on top with your customers, prospects, and referrals in the best possible way.

It’s so easy!

So consider showing rather than telling and you’ll never have to feel bad about selling anything.

There’s nothing like giving away too much free information or all of your “secrets” because they’ll still need you to implement what you’re describing.

Another thing to think about is that people do business with people, so your goal should be to build relationships with others and let others get to know you.

Another thing to think about is that people do business with people.

They connect more with individuals rather than static professional language and dry content, so tell stories and show your face on social media, whether that’s using videos or photos of yourself.

Hire a photographer if that makes you more comfortable. Your videos don’t need to be professionally produced as I’ve said many times – mine aren’t. All I use is my iPhone, a $5 Bluetooth remote, and a captioning app.

Be comfortable with being visible on social media because posts where you showcase more about yourself and your journey, and why you do what you do, or a success story resonate much more with your audience than the plain, boring vanilla posts we see all the time on LinkedIn.

Don’t be afraid to stand out – you don’t need to share too much to be memorable.

You do not sell your brand, company or products in your social media or blog posts; you sell yourself. You want people to relate to you and form an emotional connection.

What else would you like to add?

here is a short video with more on how to sell on LinkedIn without ever selling anything.

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