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How to encourage engagement on your social media platforms | Luke Fitzpatrick

Navigating social media algorithms can be very tricky, and most of the time they vary by platform.

Active audience engagement is one of the best ways to beat the algorithm and stay relevant on your chosen platforms.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and Twitter have different features that cater to their respective demographics.

Here are some ways to increase social media engagement on the above platforms.


Instagram is perhaps the most comprehensive social media platform out there, considering the different types of content you can create. Instagram offers single image posts, carousel posts, reels, and stories.

Play around with these types of content to see which of the following formats your audience interacts with most often.

Even with the proven formulas, you have to see what works for you. It is essential to note the nature of your business and which of the following formats will benefit you and your audience the most.

Try creating carousel posts with Customer Reviews if you are a commodity store. Explore using IG Reels by posting “Pack an order with me” or “behind-the-scenes” videos. If you’re an artist or a yoga teacher, posting videos of yourself in action can help increase audience views. If you are a makeup artist and launch a makeup line, try making makeup video tutorials to show off your cosmetics. If you’re a motivational speaker, post powerful quotes in single image format or consider creating a thread using the carousel format. If you’re an artist, use your feed as an online portfolio. When your company or the service receives comments, likes and shares from your audience, interact with them by replying.

If you don’t want to overwhelm your followers with content on your feed, using Instagram Stories is the way to go. It has interactive features like polls, sliding scales, and quizzes to engage your audience. Using said features also makes them feel involved and hence makes them looking forward to seeing your next posts.


TikTok is a fast-paced online world, you might want to attract public attention with eye-catching high resolution videos.

Consistency on this platform doesn’t just apply to posting, but also how you present yourself visually. Excellent lighting and trendy background setup add to your identity. Having a consistent image will make TikTok users remember you right away.

Speaking of trending, being prominent on TikTok also means being aware of what’s making waves on the For You page. Create your version based on the trending videos you see. You can either participate in the latest challenge related to your field, duet or assemble with other TikTok creators, use popular sound clips and music, or talk about the hottest topics on the platform.

Videos that appear on the For You page get instant reviews and higher commitments. Using trends will return you to the For You page.

Once you’ve acquired a good audience, use the Q&A feature to be able to respond to comments with videos. You can even challenge with your own hashtag!


Facebook is a great platform to teach, inform and inspire your audience. It is also the platform that thrives on the honesty and vulnerability of the user. Sharing stories, memes, videos and raw photos is just one of the many ways you can increase engagement with your audience. Authenticity really goes a long way.

When people feel seen and heard by your content, it opens up the possibility of starting or adding to conversations. Your audience will then start sharing your posts, which will lead to active comments and a wider reach. To encourage even more active engagement, go live on Facebook. Don’t forget that it’s better to do a Livestream directly on the site since Facebook favors native videos more than third-party ones.

Once you’ve built a solid following, create a Facebook group where you can push the conversations even further. Facebook groups are also a place to share more exclusive content, which you can tease in your more public posts!


Even the most introverted people enjoy having conversations on Twitter. It can get quite loud on Twitter, but it’s easy to spot useful and digestible discussions because they spread quickly.

The first thing you need to take note of is your voice on Twitter. How would you like to sound, and how does it align with your image and brand? Once you find your voice, your audience will easily find you and engage with you.

Another thing to note is to add other Twitter users who are in the same area of ​​expertise or interest as you. Tag them or QRT (quote retweet) to lengthen the conversation.

Since Twitter is a text-heavy social media platform, your tweets tend to get drowned out pretty quickly. Make your audience stop scrolling by adding memes, images, videos, and gifs that match your voice.


Each social media platform is unique in its own way, but there are strategies from each that you can adapt to the other. If this gets too overwhelming, remember that engagement is determined by what you post and how you do it. You can also consider hiring an influencer or a virtual assistant to help you with that. Driving engagement is about posting not only what you want your audience to see, but also what they want to see.

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