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How to Edit Videos for Social Media Platforms


Video creators need to be proactive in creating engaging content for social media sites. (Picture: Pixabay)

Every day we scour social media sites to watch exciting videos. Often we go gaga over an engaging video on a social media site. Video creators use a variety of tricks and effects to grab the viewer’s attention. From strobe effects to 3D animations, video creators use various effects to make their videos engaging. You might think that adding advanced editing effects to social media videos is tricky. However, with the right editing tools, one can edit social media videos in quick succession. Read on to learn how to edit videos for social media sites like a pro in 2022.

Think before shooting social media videos

Social media is a place where marketers can promote their products or services. Whether it is new video content or repurposed content; the ultimate goal is to promote the products/services. You never know the organic traffic you may find on your social media videos. Social media videos should be engaging and relevant to social media users. The same goes for social media influencers trying to build a large digital community.

Video creators need to be proactive in creating engaging content for social media sites. The work starts even before you start using a video editor to create videos. Before you start shooting/editing videos, you need to think about video content. What are you going to include in your video content to grab the attention of social media viewers? Proactive thinking can help video creators get the most out of social media videos. Anything done with good planning yields a better result. Get yourself in the right mindset before creating social media videos. If you’re working with an in-house video creator, ask them to create a video script before shooting/editing.

Focus on editing intent for social media videos

To build brand affinity, you need to focus on the interests of the target audience. The same goes for social media influencers looking to attract an audience on many platforms. Video creators should have marketing goals and edit videos accordingly to get better results. Some editing intents needed to create engaging social media videos include:

Focus on improving brand awareness

How will you make your brand/product recognizable to the public? To improve brand awareness, you need to create high-quality social media videos that can grab viewer’s attention. People should be able to recognize your brand whenever they see the brand logo or punchline anywhere. When posting videos on social media, brands should include their brand logo and other entities to build awareness. Likewise, social media influencers can add personal elements to their videos so that the audience can easily recognize them.

Focus on engagement level when editing social media videos

Video creators should focus on elements that can drive commitment. First, you need to know what elements of a video are preferred by your target audience. One can then incorporate the video elements liked by the audience during the video editing process. For example, if your target audience prefers funny videos, incorporate funny moments into your videos. Likewise, if the target audience prefers short videos, you should give them some. Next, you should note any video elements that can boost engagement on social media platforms. Finally, you should include these elements when editing videos for social media platforms.

Focus on generating ROI via social media videos

Many social media influencers earn by offering subscriptions to premium content that is not available to everyone. Likewise, brands and marketers want their product-related videos to increase sales and ROI (ROI). Finally, one can think about how editing relates to driving ROI through video content. Let’s take an example where you want people to subscribe to premium content on social media. You can create an end screen for your video during the editing process. The end screen will contain placeholders to include actionable CTAs. Your viewers can click on CTAs and help you generate revenue through video content. Similarly, brands can place a “Buy Now” or “Visit Website” button at the end of their video to increase ROI.

Harness the power of advanced editing effects

How will you create social media videos with advanced editing effects? If you’re not a video expert, adding advanced editing effects to your social media videos can be trickier. For example, creating 3D animations is not easy for all video creators. Moreover, due to a lack of adequate tools, many video makers face problems even with basic editing effects. For example, many new to video creation find it difficult to cut a video or add transitions. However, if you have access to a video tool, you can easily cut video to create the perfect social media videos. You can include advanced effects with a single click. They offer a better learning curve for video novices. One can quickly learn how to edit social media videos through an intuitive video editor. Not to mention that the pre-made templates for creating social media videos offered by the editors are a blessing for beginners.

Start your social media videos off right

Everyone knows that including an actionable CTA at the end of your social media video can generate commitment. However, most video creators skip the intro part of social media videos. If your social media video’s intro isn’t engaging, viewers may skip it after the first 4-5 seconds. To avoid such a scenario, you need to make the intro part of your video more engaging. Hit social media users with a visual or graphic punch right from the start of the video. By doing so, viewers will become interested in the video and can watch it until the end.


Video editors should optimize their video content according to the target social media site. The dimension, format and length of the video may differ from one social media platform to another. Choose a video editor to create videos optimized for social media sites in 2022!

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