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How to create authentic content on social media


By Bodie B. Colwell

Most businesses and professionals use social media to post press releases and advertise job vacancies. Social media, however, can be a powerful tool for your business to build culture, attract talent, and convey who you are.

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Bodie B. Colwell is an attorney in the Preti Flaherty Creditors and Bankruptcy Practice Group.

There is a growing movement of entrepreneurs and professionals expressing themselves authentically on social media by posting posts that engage their networks online.

How do you start using social media so that your organization and your personal LinkedIn are authentically you?

Here are some suggestions:

Share a struggle or problem you face at work and ask for ideas. As you share a struggle that you are going through at work, you may find that this struggle is universal. Ask your network to influence the resolution of the problem. You may find that your network has some great ideas.

Ask a question that will engage your network. Have a discussion in the comments. It doesn’t have to be controversial, but it should be interesting. Try to post something you’ve been thinking about.

Share an article that got you thinking or that you don’t agree with. If you’ve read something that you found interesting or disagreed with, post the article and a short excerpt of your thoughts. Invite your network to weigh in.

Share a failure. Lawyer Heather Stevenson left a large law firm to open a juice bar with plans to open 10 locations in 10 years. It didn’t work, and Heather returned to practicing law as Assistant General Counsel at the Boston Globe. Heather published an article about this “failure” and how it turned out to be a great career development. Her post went viral as it showed she was vulnerable and human. Sharing a failure resonated in her network because failure is part of being a person.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to create TikTok dance videos to engage with your network. Try to showcase your authentic self on social media by posting something that makes you a little vulnerable. You might be surprised how much your network will appreciate it.

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