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Golf Business News – Viztek Sports Media Unveils Golf Bag Multimedia Technology

The launch of the new Icons series at Liberty National in New York last week also coincided with the unveiling of new technology which saw caddies at the event carrying golf bags fitted with a display screen single digital.

The innovative technology was created exclusively by Viztek Sports Media, which is the vision of the team behind Professional Golf Europe, which owns VEGA and the worldwide license of Bentley Golf. It offers an all-new, innovative way for events, brands and player sponsors to deliver scheduled and in-game digital advertisements and branded content using VSM Golf Bag technology.

Partnering with the world’s biggest brands and elite golfers, VSM brings sports bag media to life with live, animated VSM technology, which has the added ability to rotate content and thereby engage and deliver branded content to the consumer rather than through a traditional, static medium.

The technology also lends itself perfectly to shared messaging through mutual partnerships. Additionally, VSM can activate scheduled, personal or entire tournament saturation with one click: full control – maximum impact.

“We showcase, build and promote partnerships, brand, ROI and electrify the viewing experience for global sports fans through messaging optimization for global and local businesses. We achieve this through efficient sourcing, presentation and delivery of services through our VSM planned and in-game digital golf advertising solutions,” commented Peter Lord, VSM Partner and Board Member.

“Golf is steeped in history and has seen a huge increase in viewership. VSM enables our valued partners, tours, athletes and stakeholders to provide an enhanced viewing experience for fans and, at the same time, to generate income.

“VSM bag technology ensures that your marquee sponsored athlete showcases your brand and message to fans around the world and, with VSM, it’s alive, cutting-edge, moving and digital. All of this is pushed through scheduled social media, outreach and additional advertising strategies that can be updated at the push of a button.

“Our platform runs on a fully managed solution, generating revenue for our sponsors and attracting new sponsors to major players and tours. The option to enable events is a great selling feature and that’s the benefit of securing the tournament partnerships that underpin the tours.

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