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Gift ideas from 5 popular black-owned businesses

Gift ideas from 5 popular black-owned businesses. photo by free stocks to Unsplash

We are all in the middle of a vacation period, although some of you are still thinking about what to put certain clients on your list. Don’t wonder anymore! Here’s a great short list of black-owned businesses that are sure to offer Instagram-worthy choice.

The first is Harlem Candle Company. There is no doubt that given everything that has happened in 2020, we could all use little appeasement. Luxury candles that touch on the rich aspects of the legendary Harlem Renaissance are real gems.

Founded in 2014 by a travel and lifestyle expert Teri johnson, the Harlem Candle Company reflects Johnson’s passions for fragrance, jazz and Harlem. Through intense research, this black founder discovered Harlem’s rich and vibrant past and perfectly fused it in various fragrances alongside award-winning perfumers to produce beautifully scented candles that celebrate the Harlem Renaissance. Each candle is specially handcrafted using a blend of vegetable soy wax, infused with unique scent oils. Sure to be a success.

These exquisite 80 burnt candles are 12 ounces. You can go traditional and choose from the Holiday Exclusives range which offers fragrances such as “Holiday”. The real joy here is candles such as ‘Josephine’ (a mix of Moroccan rose, Indian jasmine and warm amber) or my favorite, ‘Speakeasy’, which evokes the famous hidden clubs of Harlem via a mix of palo santo, bourbon and tobacco. To impress, consider the luxury James Baldwin “Love” 22k gold candle inspired by his book and movie “If Beale Street Could Talk”. It doesn’t stop there. Harlem Candle Company is a home fragrance complete with reed diffusers, room sprays and golden candle accessories.

So maybe you are also considering giving away the gourmet basket? If so, forget about the standard catalogs that arrive by mail or the traditional Harry & David. Instead, support small black businesses, but broadly. Head over to Etsy where you’ll find Black’s ownership Boston Gift Box. This team curated a selection of local dishes that allows each shopper to simultaneously support seven local black-owned and female-owned businesses in Boston. Here’s what the collection includes: a Haitian spice blend, hand-crafted pineapple chutney in small batches, rejuvenating bath bar, luxurious lip balm, refreshing hand sanitizer, and artwork. colorful art made by a talented local artist. But wait, there is more. They also included recipes and access to a vibrant online listing of black-owned businesses to view in the Boston area.

Away from mindless consumption, each box also includes special details about individual products, as the team believes shopping is better when you know more about the people behind the products. There is a printed version of the stories so the recipient can learn more about each business and what inspired these artisans to create and share their respective crafts. You’ll never look at another gift box the same way again.

Wine and champagne are almost always a great business holiday gift, but when they reflect us, it’s even better. Enter the McBride Sisters Collection. Yes, Virginie, there is a female vineyard owned by blacks.

As their website says, the McBride sisters were “raised among the vines of Monterey, California and Marlborough, New Zealand … you could say the McBride sisters’ path to winemaking was fate at work. “.

Using old school knowledge with a new school approach, Robin and Andrea McBride launched in 2005 and haven’t looked back. Making progress in an industry generally controlled by people who are unlike them, they continue to innovate. This is reflected in the names of their wines. How not to give Black Girl Magic Rose, Black Girl Magic Riesling and Black Girl Magic Zinfandel? The company also offers sparkling wine, individual bottles, trios, gift arrangements and ships worldwide. This business is something to raise a drink to during the holidays and throughout the year. Oh, and they pay it forward through one of the toughest black-owned gift guides we’ve ever seen right on their website. Don’t miss it after reading it.

Okay, so you can never go wrong with the gift of chocolate, but when it’s elevated to a level of luxury, the magic really works. With clients from the NFL to Disney and Nike, you’ll be in good company the moment you order from Phillip Ashley Rix. He is one of the world’s foremost luxury chocolate creators and an award-winning chocolatier. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Phillip Ashley Chocolates entered the scene in 2012 and has grown steadily since.

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The brand has an international audience and Rix has even hosted dining experiences at the James Beard House in New York City, as well as creating chocolates for the Hollywood elite at the Emmys, Grammys and Oscars. In 2014, Forbes magazine named Phillip Ashley the “real Willy Wonka”. In February 2020, he competed as a finalist on Food Network’s “Chopped Sweets”.

Rix has a full line of designer chocolates, Christmas gift sets, and DIY options that will have you saying, “I’ll take one of everything.” “

Finally, the comfort of exquisite loose tea can be a lovely gift, but when blended to promote well-being, especially during these times, the gift is more than welcome. Find out belonging to blacks Ivy tea – the result of years and years of herbal knowledge. Ivy sets out to offer even more than that. The company’s complete Chinese products as well as fine art is something to see. Our favorite is the #Trap teaspoon. Now that’s cool:. Its spoons come with messages on the handles and customers can choose a phrase for the inscription such as “Oh, you want to, eh? “Or” Boss Bitch “or” Classy Bougie, Rachet “We love each other. Tea time will never be the same again.

So whatever you choose, it’s great that we can celebrate and support each other. Merry Christmas everyone, good night.

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