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Georgia Senate Passes Bill Targeting Giant Social Media Platforms | News

ATLANTIS — A bill banning giant social media platforms from censoring content based on the author’s point of view passed the Republican-controlled Georgia Senate on Tuesday along party lines.

Control over social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, has become a national issue since companies suspended former President Donald Trump’s accounts a year ago.

The Senate bill, which passed 33-21 and is now moving to the state House of Representatives, would prohibit social media platforms with more than 20 million subscribers from discriminating against an author posting content based not only on the person’s point of view, but on their race, color, ethnicity, religious or political beliefs, national origin, sex, gender or sexual orientation.

Social media companies would still be allowed not to post obscene material, said Sen. Greg Dolezal, R-Cumming, the bill’s lead sponsor. The Georgia Public Service Commission would enforce the provisions of the legislation, he said.

Senate Democrats did not dispute the need to regulate giant social media platforms. But they questioned doing so at the state level.

A federal judge has blocked a similar bill passed by Florida lawmakers earlier this year after lawyers for big tech companies argued it violated their First Amendment rights to free speech.

Social media needs to be regulated,” said Sen. Jen Jordan, D-Atlanta. “[But] I think it needs to be dealt with at the federal level.”

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