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Foundation discusses transparency law for social media platforms


The Future of India Foundation on Thursday released a report, “Politics of Disinformation,” which recommended a comprehensive transparency law and a parliamentary-controlled regulator for social media platforms.

Ruchi Gupta, co-founder and director of the Foundation, said misinformation is a political issue and any way forward should be within the bipartisan democratic political process.

As long as content amplification was driven by engagement rather than quality of content or trustworthiness of content sources, the current approach to misinformation focused on content moderation by all major social media platforms n wouldn’t stop the spread of misinformation. Platforms must either stop amplification and return to the chronological feed, or take ownership of their broadcast choices, the Foundation said.

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While suggesting a transparency law and a parliamentary-controlled regulator for social media platforms, the report says public opinion is the currency of democracy and social media platforms are increasingly becoming the main playing field. public discourse and the mobilization of public opinion.

“Giving control of public discourse to a handful of individuals at the helm of tech companies lacks both transparency and democratic legitimacy…platforms have proven unable to work together to evolve a cohesive framework to stop misinformation and instead reacted erratically to events and ad hoc public pressure,” he said.

The report’s suggestions included making the boost dependent on the credibility of creators and sources, labeling content producers instead of individual posts, examining “super” users, removing design choices that encourage extreme content, develop an ecosystem approach to fact-checking, and scale digital literacy programs.

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