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Five types of powerful social media content your business should be creating this Heritage Month

Creating content for Heritage Month can seem like a simple process. However, it’s not just about developing impactful captions that incorporate local slang, using images that showcase South African cultures and using the right hashtags.

It is a month that celebrates South African identity and honors the diversity of cultures in South Africa (SA). Now brands have the ability to do something more meaningful with their content.

Not sure how to make your posts more powerful this Heritage Month?

Then continue reading as media update Lara Smit reviews five ways to create your Heritage Month content here:

1. Tell your business story

Everybody love a good story. So why not get in the Heritage Month spirit by telling your followers your company’s heritage story?

Create posts that explore your brand’s roots and tell people how you got started. This will allow your subscribers to better understand What your business is and Why he is born.

but why is it important?

It shows your audience that your business is more than just a business – it’s a dream come true. Therefore, when they choose to buy your products and services, they feel that they are investing in this dream and playing an important role in its realization.

Another benefit of telling people your brand story is that it allows you to show your audience how proud you are to be a South African brand. Not only will this encourage the same pride in your SA audience, but it will make your customers feel like they are contributing to the success of their community by investing in your services.

2. Allow employees to share their own stories

Heritage Month is about celebrating the diversity of cultures and peoples we have in our country. Therefore, a great way to honor that sentiment is to showcase the unique people behind your brand.

An example of how you could do this is to use live or video features on your platforms to share interviews where your employees can share stories about their cultures, perspectives and traditions.

Content like this allows you to recognize and celebrate your employees’ distinctive cultural identities and give people insight into how their perspectives play into what they do. Moreover, it helps you create entertaining and interesting content that is either relevant or educational for your followers.

This kind of wholesome content also helps you humanize your brand by showing the people pulling the strings behind the scenes. Finally, it demonstrates your company’s ability true the appreciation of its employees and who they or they are.

3. Organize competitions

One of the best ways to fully engage your followers with your content is to ask them to be involved in its creation and distribution.

Now, the likelihood of people creating content for your brand for free is low, so you need to make sure there’s something for them – so give them a chance to win a great prize, for example…

For Heritage Month, you can take a more unique approach by running contests and doing the prizes and tasks distinctly South African. Here are examples of how you can do this:

  • ask people to share images of how they celebrate or honor their heritage this month with snapshots in their traditional clothing
  • tell people to incorporate SA hashtags like ‘#LocalIsLekker’ or ‘#HeritageMonth’ in their posts
  • encourage your followers to post their best braai selfie this ‘#BraaiDay’
  • asking people to share how they use your products to do traditional tasks like sharing recipes that include your brand spices, and
  • making prize baskets containing distinctly South African products like mielie flour, biltong or even new braai material.

This type of content will help you spread the Heritage Month fever and encourage your subscribers’ pride in their SA heritage. Plus, it will drive people to engage with your content and build awareness of your brand organically and effectively. Thus, their possible victory is a big win for you in the end.

4. Promote local initiatives

Heritage Month is not just about honoring South Africa’s diverse cultures. It is also about celebrating the shared South African identity of its people and instilling pride in being part of the South African community.

Therefore, one of the best ways to show your pride this month is to get your business involved in local initiatives that help energize the community.

Using social media, you can create posts that promote philanthropic organizations involved in helping people in that community.

By doing this, you can help share their stories and get more people on board with their initiatives.

Plus, it will show your followers that your brand is involved in helping positive causes. This is good for your brand because it will improve your brand image and make people feel like they are helping these causes themselves by buying from your company or using its services.

5. Spotlight locals in cultural industries

Businesses can also celebrate Heritage Month in a meaningful way by recognizing people who play a role in preserving South Africa’s rich cultural heritage.

People who play a major role in preserving and developing the SA culture are those who work in the industries of:

  • Literature
  • the story
  • art
  • cultural events
  • media
  • architecture
  • kitchen
  • fashion
  • dance, and
  • music.

Therefore, your brand can help preserve and grow South African culture this Heritage Month by creating posts that highlight the people who work in these industries and recognize their contribution to maintaining, raising awareness and expanding SA culture.

Plus, your business can take advantage of this opportunity to team up with them through sponsorship and mentorship programs that help them achieve these goals. This will allow your company to play a vital role in promoting South African culture.

What other ways can businesses celebrate Heritage Month on social media? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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