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FIA urged to monitor social media

In the aftermath of riots that broke out following the murder of a youth in Hyderabad, police asked the FIA ​​to monitor certain social media activity to stop the spread of false information.

The FIA ​​asked to monitor social media. On Saturday, Sindh Police Inspector General Ghulam Nabi Memon wrote a letter to the FIA ​​CEO, asking him to take legal action against miscreants who are spreading tension on social media. The letter, available with The Express Tribune, says that after the killing in Hyderabad, some groups of disbelievers took to social media and started spreading the rancor that sparked ethnic tensions. with allegedly false or unverifiable information. The police also strictly requested social media users not to spread ethnic tensions between Sindhis and Pakhtuns in different cities. On Friday, messages were circulating on various social media groups and messaging apps, including WhatsApp. They claimed that various areas of the port city would be blocked off after afternoon prayers.

Soon after the clash broke out in different areas near Sohrab Goth, similar news was shared which created a tense situation and caused multiple challenges for the LEAs. Law enforcement faced further backlash after two young girls were allegedly abducted during riots near the Jamali Bridge. Senior police officials denied any abductions and asked social media activists not to spread false stories that could further escalate the tension. “I ask you to give the necessary instructions to the director FIA Sindh Zone Cyber ​​Crime Wing to strictly monitor these illegal activities and to take stern measures to discourage conspiracies on linguistic grounds,” said the letter from IG Memon. Police said that following the Hyderabad incident, at least 15 untoward incidents took place in different parts of the province. They said 90 people were arrested in 12 FIRs. Calling on citizens to stop spreading rumours, Memon urged people not to take false information seriously.

Law enforcement agencies were deployed at various locations in the tense areas including Sohrab Goth, Jamali Bridge, Northern Bypass and continued to patrol major roads and streets to protect ordinary citizens. “The situation is under control and the police will remain vigilant until this tension prevails,” a police official, deployed near the Jamali bridge, told the Express Tribune. Some stores, including restaurants, remained closed while others were open amid the security deployment. Residents, however, feared further violence. “We are still under tension because the disbelievers might strike again,” said Bhagwani, a resident close to the area. “Dozens of people came to this area and attacked our men and women,” she explained. She added that the attackers also threw stones at their huts, injuring several people. “A group of people attacked me and when I tried to run they threw stones at me,” said Sagar, another resident, pointing to the wounds on his feet. He said his cart was also looted during the attacks. “They were attacking and looting. It was a strange situation,” he said. “I can’t understand why they attacked us. We are such poor people and have no connection with any group,” he cried. Villagers also complained that neither the police nor any other officials visited the scene or inquired about the attack. “We just want peace and nothing else.”

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