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Essential social media platforms for smartphone users


In our social world today, there is an increase in the influx of smartphone owners. It is therefore not out of place to say that half of the population is mostly online.

Social media refers to a digital space that makes it possible to connect, create and share content with others through the creation of virtual networks and communities.

Creating a social media platform has opened doors with endless opportunities. It’s not just a place to post pictures and watch the latest celebrity drama. On the contrary, it has become a tool that can be used to exploit one’s passion.

The categorization is according to the characteristics they possess:

Social networks

These are sites that help connect people online by sharing information and ideas through the use of photos, videos, and essays. These platforms are primarily designed to share knowledge and connect with people. Examples are;


It is a free social networking site where registered users can share content with other users who are friends with them. One tends to see the contents of most of those they”friend” or friend of your friend – depending on their privacy settings. Facebook offers you a personal newsfeed feature, which allows content to be personalized to your interests.

The live story feature helps organize learning seminars or organize events as they happen. With its networking ability, it encourages people to test their entrepreneurial skills by marketing their creations on the platform.


Twitter allows you to “tweet” your ideas and thoughts. With Twitter, you can easily connect with people outside your friendship circle. You can follow anyone and vice versa based on mutual interests. Using Twitter is fast and has a limited message size and that’s good too for ad placements.


It is a platform that is mainly used by professionals for their professional or personal development. LinkedIn encourages networking with a wide range of professionals, giving you insight into how they think and what kind of skills they possess. LinkedIn is a platform that even connects you to the CEOs of organizations; allowing you to make connections that can help you develop your career.

It’s a good avenue for job hunting as you build your portfolio. Knowledge is power and LinkedIn has a bank of it with courses from different fields. This creates room for job and scholarship opportunities.

Media Sharing Networks

This type of social media relies on sharing photos, videos, and infographics as social media campaigns. It creates an avenue to engage its audience. Examples of those belonging to this group include:


A free image and video sharing service commonly used to connect with people you don’t know but who share common interests. It is primarily mobile-friendly and encourages ads using photos and videos. It is a very good platform to advertise your brand to people.


It is a fast growing free video sharing platform that allows users to shoot, edit and share short videos. It comes with various easy-to-understand templates that help in advertising a brand effectively. This particular social media attracts people with its trendy features.


YouTube is an online platform for streaming and downloading videos. Billions of people are currently using this app and downloading different content daily. YouTube is a tool you can use for entertainment, education, and production. Using it involves creating, managing, sharing content, gaining social recognition, and learning as well.

Discussion networks

A discussion network is a platform where one visits to find, discuss and share information and opinions on certain issues. Here you get the views of people of different age and location on topics of interest. A good example of this is ‘Nairaland’.

I remember looking for a particular piece of information and needing people’s perspective, Nairaland gave me what I was looking for and more.

Now, after listing all these social media platforms, it is worth mentioning that they come with dangers and risks. Some of them include: addiction, distraction, cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate content, etc. Knowing these dangers is very important, as is knowing when to take the necessary breaks and when to put down your smartphone. Having good netiquette also goes a long way.

The presence of social media apps is about making life better, don’t let it control you. Therefore, seize the opportunities it offers today and take advantage of them. You would be glad you did.

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