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EMCOAN launches the first multimedia content exhibition/award in Lagos

1 The Electronic Media Content Owners Association of Nigeria (EMCOAN) kicked off its first edition of the Nigeria Electronic Media Content Exhibition and Awards (NEMCEA) on Monday in Lagos.

2 News Agency of Nigeria reports that NEMCEA, in partnership with Broadcast Media Africa, has been established as Nigeria’s premier marketplace for the discovery and exchange of television, radio and media content.

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3 The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who was the guest of honor at the event, said that Nigeria being one of the largest markets for electronic media content in Africa, n There was no content market to cater to the ever-increasing content of electronic media. industry.

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4 The Minister, who was represented by the Managing Director of the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON), Dr. Lekan Fadolapo, said NEMCEA had come to fill the void of creating a content market in Nigeria.

5 “This is the void that NEMCEA 2022 is here to fill.

6 In a country that has more than 150 television channels, public and private, and more than 350 independent television and multimedia content production organizations and content streaming platforms such as Netflix, show max, iroko, etc.

seven “It is high time that we, who are in the industry curated electronic media content marketplace, become a marketplace for trading media content and developing co-production partnerships locally and internationally.

“NEMCEA is designed to promote the development of trade in the electronic media content industry in Nigeria.

It is also to explore the product of Nigerian television and media content in the local and international market.

“You will agree with me that this project will go a long way towards growing Nigerian local media content and the economy in general,” he said.

Senate Deputy Speaker Senator Ovie Omo-Agege said NEMCEA 2022 was an important event that would bring electronic media content and investment stakeholders together in the field to interact and share ideas.

Omo-Agege, who was represented by his Chief of Staff, Dr. Otivere Igbuzor, said it was also an opportunity to celebrate and recognize deserving stakeholders, while congratulating the winners.

“I am probably informed that this is the biggest contest and electronic media industry event that should be held every year to bring global players in the media industry to buy, sell, collaborate and exchange ideas around the content.

“I commend the Electronic Media Content Association of Nigeria for this initiative.

Nigeria is undoubtedly an undisputed leader in the production of role-playing content in Africa.

“Nollywood, Hiphop, Afrobeat and comedians are a testament to that, but we’re not doing enough to monetize them, either through production, distribution or collecting royalties,” he said.

He further assured that the National Assembly is committed to passing laws that would encourage private companies in the creative industry to turn it into a creative economy.

EMCOAN Chairperson, Ms. Jibe Ologeh in her opening remarks said that NEMCEA would bring together global players in the media industry inside and outside Nigeria to buy, sell, collaborate and exchange ideas about content.

Ologeh said NEMCEA will also highlight issues and opportunities affecting the media industry in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

“It should be noted that despite being Africa’s largest content generation hub, Nigeria lacks a content market to cater to its ever-growing film and electronic media content industry.

“This is the void that NEMCEA is here to fill.

Being an annual event, it will serve as a marketplace for trading media content, films and developing local and international co-production partnerships,” she said.

Ologeh hinted that the event had a special NBC workshop focused on producing broadcast content for Nigerian children that would redirect the psyche of the Nigerian child towards love of country.

Mr. Bemjamin Pius, Managing Director of Broadcast Media Africa, said it was a difficult experience, but the organization honored the partnership as it had worked on similar projects with multiple stakeholders under other climates.

“In fact, we operate, organize events and broadcast events to media markets in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

“So I thought, if you can do it elsewhere, how come you can’t do it in Nigeria which is the biggest e-content market in Africa.

“We can support the distribution and monetization of content in Nigeria so that the market place in Nigeria can be a calendar event where we can watch the public in a few years and see more international delegations,” he said. .

NEMCEA Project Director Mr. Theophilus Akatugba said the event will also launch a special initiative called “Barter Village” where content can be exchanged with content without money.

“We created the Barter Village as a platform where TV channels meet to exchange content for content without exchanging money.

“This special initiative and unique feature of NEMCEA is a marketplace that will mark the beginning of redirecting the flow of business so that those who contribute content and those who want to take it know that it is business,” said he declared.

Akatugba said TV stations in different states exchanging relevant local content without money would help the content travel and enrich their libraries.

In his remarks, the Director General of the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission, Malam Balarabe Ilelah, commended EMCOAN and its partnership with Broadcast Media Africa for this initiative.

He said the partnership would identify and fill a gap in the industry while creating a platform to exchange ideas, recognize change makers and promote creativity.

“To ensure that there is a diverse range of content available in the market, there must be support and commitment between producers and distributors.

“The importance of content cannot be overstated, as audiences are engaged by content, brand images and reputations are built based on content generated or content made available.

“The existence of content driven by different strategies on various platforms beyond linear delivery systems has implications for how content is produced, sourced and curated.

“Therefore, placing audiences at the heart of content creation, production and distribution becomes a necessity in order to connect with them in the evolving wave of technology and media consumption,” said he declared.

Ilelah added that limited involvement in children’s content by commercial platforms would deprive children of the opportunity to be educated and entertained.

“This will further reduce the diversity of content available to children and devastate the local children’s content production industry.

“We hope that the Nigerian Electronic Media Content Exhibition and Awards will mark an important step in the right direction for the broadcasting industry as we explore the content market as well as other activities being put in place,” he said. he declared.

Heads of agencies present at the event were Mr. Buki Ponle, Managing Director, News Agency of Nigeria; Acting CEO Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) and Executive Director, NFVCB, Mr. Adedayo Thomas.


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