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Election bodies expect social media platforms to use ‘power of algorithms’ to proactively flag fake news: CEC

These facilitate credible election results that help preserve freedom, chief election commissioner says

These facilitate credible election results that help preserve freedom, chief election commissioner says

Inclusive elections faithfully reflect the expression of the collective will of the people and are a hallmark of democracy, Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar said on Monday, even as he stressed the challenges of social media and their intersection with Election Management Bodies (EMBs).

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EMBs, the CEC added, expected social media platforms to use their “algorithmic power, to proactively flag fake news.” His comments came during a two-day international conference on the “Role, Framework and Capacity of Election Management Bodies”, which he inaugurated with Election Commissioner Anup Chandra Pandey.

The conference was organized by the Electoral Commission (EC) as part of the Commission-led “Election Integrity Cohort” and established as a follow-up to the “Democracy Summit” held in December 1999. ‘last year.

In its keynote address at the inaugural ceremony, the CEC offered EC expertise in election management to democracies around the world to take the summit’s commitments towards concrete results. Speaking on the pressing challenges facing EMBs today, Mr. Kumar emphasized their intersection with social media platforms. “Earlier or deeper reporting of fake news based on known modi and genres is not an unfair expectation on the part of EMBs,” he said. Such a proactive approach to countering fake news would facilitate “credible election results” that would help preserve the “freedoms” these platforms need to thrive.

He said that free, fair, inclusive, accessible and incentive-free elections being the cornerstone of democratic politics, were a prerequisite for peace and development dividends. These threshold concepts, he said, embody the understanding that sovereignty belongs to and derives from the people of a country. Inclusiveness also meant adjusting inequalities, especially for women, people with disabilities, older people, young voters and marginalized populations.

According to the Commission, nearly 50 participants from 11 EMBs from Armenia, Mauritius, Nepal, Cabo Verde, Australia, Chile, Federal States of Micronesia, Greece, Philippines, São Tomé & Príncipe and of the United States are part of the event, in addition to the other nations represented by their missions in the capital.

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