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Digital India Act to monitor OTT and social media platforms, report says

The law will criminalize deliberate disinformation and doxxing, according to The Indian Expresssince offenses in the online world are unique to the online world and cannot be controlled by laws designed for the offline world.

Under current computer laws, there is no provision covering online misinformation and is viewed through the lens of defamation. The new law seeks to separate the two and classify the deliberate dissemination of false information as an offense in itself.

Social media companies like Meta and Twitter will also be held accountable for their role in complicity in deliberate misinformation, the report suggests.

The Indian government is currently in the process of creating legal and executive architecture to support India’s digital plans. He understands:

  • A strategic data governance framework

  • Cybersecurity policies and guidelines

  • A new data protection law

  • The Digital India Bill

The Digital India Act would regulate net neutrality, online privacy, algorithmic accountability of social media platforms, and new and emerging technologies such as blockchain, metaverse, and artificial intelligence.

(With contributions from The Indian Express and The Economic Times.)

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