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Different Social Media Platforms Affect Mom’s Mental Health


There is no denying that we live in a modern world which means everyone is spending more time on their phones and in an online world. While mothers may worry about their children and the time they spend in front of a screen, they don’t often stop to think about the time they are spending in front of the screen and the impact it can have. on their health and well-being. Social media has become an outlet for everyone, and it’s a place where moms can relax, connect with friends, and take a few moments to get away from the world.

However, social media can have an impact on the lives of everyone who uses it, but that impact can be different depending on the platform they are using and what they are talking about. It is normal for mom to use social networks to take a “break” with her children and get away from it all for a few minutes. It is important to be aware of the impact that social media can have on a mother’s mental health.

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An overview

This topic was spurred on by a recent study that was conducted on social media platforms and how it can impact a person psychologically. According to PsyPost, a study shows that those who used Facebook the most during the pandemic showed more negative effects psychologically. Those who used Twitter and Instagram were more satisfied with their lives because they had more social support. This study was published in the journal, PLOS A, and can be read in full here. However, it prompted us to take a closer look at the three biggest social media platforms and dissect the impact they have on moms.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites and it’s the one that moms use a lot. They spend time catching up with friends and family, they scroll through mom groups, and find things to learn and laugh about. According to Mental help, Facebook has its pros and cons when it comes to mental health and wellness.

Facebook’s social connectivity is definitely a plus and can help people with social anxiety. Moms who may be nervous about meeting new moms in person can benefit from an online platform. However, Facebook is also known for high amounts of cyberbullying, and it’s something that can happen to moms. “Mom Shaming” is something you often see in mom groups on the app, and if mom starts comparing herself and her baby to others on the app, it can have a negative impact.


Instagram is a quick photo sharing app and it can be nice to see photos of different family members, friends, and even strangers you meet online. However, Instagram can particularly hurt a mother’s self-esteem and body image. The idea of ​​a “bod mum” is something that haunts many moms, and with Instagram so full of heavily filtered and edited images, it can be easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. According to NPR, Instagram can worsen existing body image issues and this can impact a mother’s mental health.

While mom is free to use any app or platform she wants, it’s important to take these into account and monitor your well-being while scrolling and knowing when to take a break.


Twitter is often a place where people go to learn and educate themselves on different topics, it’s also a place where they can get the latest information from their favorite celebrity, public figure or parenting professional, but is it healthy for moms . According to AtlanticTwitter can fuel anxiety. While they state that there may be a supportive community on Twitter, the app itself can fuel anxiety symptoms as well, especially if mom is already diagnosed with anxiety.

Twitter has a “constant flow” of information, which can make a person anxious even more. It has also been noted that moms will generally follow moms or other personalities who are more “successful” than they are, which can lead to damaging comparison play, which is never good for mental health. of a mom. Twitter has perhaps been named the worst social media site for a mom who tries not to compare herself to other moms and families.

While social media has its benefits in this modern world, the take-home message from all of this may be to understand when you need to take a break before logging in and when it’s time to hang up for your own sanity. .

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