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Delhi Chief Electoral Officer emphasizes importance of social media and technology to boost voter education and participation

Delhi Chief Electoral Officer Dr Ranbir Singh chaired an online session with election officials on Friday. [Photo/ANI]

New Delhi [India], September 24 (ANI): Highlighting the importance of social media and technology to strengthen voter education program and encourage youth participation in electoral processes, Delhi Chief Electoral Officer Dr Ranbir Singh, said on Friday that social media has become indispensable in its reach and diversity of content and has a much stronger and broader impact on the masses.

Singh’s remarks came during an online training session with election officials on Friday, where he discussed the importance of social media and technology in strengthening the voter education agenda and encouraging youth participation in electoral processes.

Starting the training session on social media, Singh said, “Today, social media has become indispensable and is even eclipsing mainstream media in its reach and diversity of content. them and share suggestions. Now campaigns are not limited to posters and banners. Social media campaigns are full of infomercials, commercials, blog posts and thousands of tweets, Instagram posts and Facebook posts that create a much stronger and wider impact. “

Singh added, “A specific social media cell under the supervision of JL Gupta, Nodal Officer (Social Media) assists the Chief Electoral Officer in building voter awareness and voter turnout. This social media cell aims to provide innovative solutions to educate voters. to a wide range of audiences. The CEO is committed to increasing the number of young people registered through his awareness campaign on many social media platforms.

He also explained how “voter literacy clubs” in schools, colleges and workplaces can use social media in their goal of educating voters.

“The goal is to further improve the reach of CEOs, DEOs, EROs and ELCs on social media accounts. This can help widely disseminate the desired voter education messages,” Singh said.

Singh said the purpose of the session was to impart interest, knowledge, skills and expertise to election officials at all levels to use social media to achieve the mission of the Election Commission. India that “no voter is left behind”.

“Young people today are tech savvy and spend a lot of time on social media. We must therefore interact with them where they spend their time and motivate them to become proud voters of our great democracy, ”he added.

Delhi CEO also urged all participants to be active on their official social media accounts, to be consistent in creating and sharing interesting and informative voter outreach content, to engage with other accounts and posts relevant social media and expand the ICE’s digital marketing footprint to improve election awareness, registration and participation.

According to the official statement released today by the Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi, District Election Officers (DEO), SDM (Election), Election Registration Officers (ERO), Assistant Election Registration Officers (AERO) ) and officers from the CEO’s headquarters were present for this session chaired by Singh.

The use, importance and growth of different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Clubhouse were discussed. It was also discussed how social media could be used to speed up the process of delivering information to the target audience. Social media is one of the main new platforms that allow information to be shared with as many people as possible in a minimum of time.

The session was followed by a question and answer session to clarify doubts and generate ideas and suggestions. (ANI)

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