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Dealing with Slander Allegations on Your Social Media Platforms: Tips for Business Leaders


More than half of the world’s population is on social media. It’s a big part of our lives and built into everything we do. Slander allegations such as libel are a serious offense, but business leaders are not free from insults and slurs online.

Facing unfair or false allegations can be extremely distressing. It’s even harder to fix the business name once a certain reputation has set in, but there are ways to avoid these issues in the first place. Whether your business has already been misrepresented or you’re worried it might happen, these tips will help you cope with whatever is going on.

Never engage

Many slander claims can be avoided or forgotten with relative ease if you choose not to engage with the defamer. Slander is seen as a damaging lie that ruins the reputation of a person or business and is usually a false accusation. Unless there is a significant cause for concern about the company’s image, stay calm and ignore all defamatory statements.

If there is a particular entity involved in online defamation, block it on your social media platforms. You can report defamatory content on sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, so there is a level of security for your online business. The problem becomes worse if the allegations become widespread and come from several different sources. This brings us to the next point.

Arm the company with legal representation

The allegations against the companies are just that: allegations. These are not certain statements that have been validated. There are a million causes that could lead to a company’s slander on social media. From the misrepresentation of the business online to claims regarding employee safety, there are many factors that you should watch out for as a business owner.

One of the most important tips is to hire a team of lawyers for the legal representation of various transactions. This includes health and safety, employee retirement and medical benefits, property damage and many more. Apply for corporate liability insurance which will cover the business against several different scenarios.

Designate a social media manager

Managing a company’s social media account is a lot of work, which is why it is usually managed by a team of several people. Be careful though and have a hierarchical system in place where all posts and stories are uploaded by a specific person. This way, there is less chance that someone accidentally posts something confidential because they signed in with the wrong account.

Another common cause of slander allegations is that a company shares another post. If received negatively by online users, it could be seen as an endorsement from the wrong person or the wrong company. Managing social media accounts should be taken as seriously as managing a business bank account. Make sure every post is triple-checked and don’t retweet or repost anything that could lead to the business being guilty by association.

Understanding Common Social Media Lawsuits

Most libel lawsuits are due to very simple reasons that could have been avoided with a little effort. Keep a close eye on aspects such as the use of a image that has been protected by copyright. This also includes using another artist’s music in your marketing strategies. There are sites online where you can find hundreds of thousands of resources for any completely legal image or video. You might have to pay for a few pictures and songs, but it’s a much better option than facing a lawsuit.

Another point to keep in mind is to share a photo associated with your business. Even if someone has posted a photo of them wearing a shirt with your branding, you are not allowed to share that post or link it to the company’s social media page. You must obtain the appropriate authorization if you plan to use these resources for your business accounts. The way social media has exploded over the past few years makes it difficult to protect everyone from some form of slander online. The key is to anticipate that it could happen any day, and to make sure that you have these key factors in place to protect your business from bogus claims online.

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