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Conservatives tackle culture cancellation with new media platforms targeting young Americans

As conservatives continue to denounce culture cancellation and alleged censorship by big tech and Hollywood liberals, they also insist on creating their own messaging platforms.

This is the case with what has been dubbed LIVE TPUSA, a new, nonprofit, conservative-oriented Turning Point USA (TPUSA) alternative media center for young Americans.

The hub is based on roughly three hours of live streamed content, which launched this week and airs every weekday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. ET. It is designed to provide unfiltered opinions and feedback in video, audio, and news feed formats.

It was created to allow viewers to analyze, interact and interact with contributors like the TPUSA, including founder Charlie Kirk, political columnist Benny Johnson, former Navy intelligence officer Jack Posobiec and comedian Alex Clark, among others. Jon Root is the show’s second hour host.

Benny Johnson and Jon Root of TPUSA Live on a show.
Turning United States

“If we want to win over young people to our ideas, if we want to fight the culture of cancellation, we have to create our own content platforms and destinations,” said Charlie Kirk, founder and president of TPUSA. News week, describing LIVE TPUSA as “a very serious and very ambitious project to do just that.”

But Kirk noted that the three hours of daily content “isn’t all serious and pessimistic news.”

“Our hosts and contributors are having a great time, there’s a lot of laughs and a lot of in-depth content at the same time,” he said.

Each show includes daily and weekly shows as well as live studio content featuring prominent conservative figures discussing politics, sports and pop culture. A third hour features the platform contributors addressing the latest news on college campuses of students from TPUSA academic sections across the country.

So far the team behind LIVE TPUSA is optimistic about the success of the new venture with TPUSA spokesperson Andrew Kolvet noting 2 million podcast views and streams in the first week. Posobiec’s daily video show for conservative news site Human Events and Turning Point USA also reached No. 1 on Apple’s podcast charts, according to conservative Canadian online news magazine The Post Millennial. Posobiec is seen by some outside the conservative sphere as a controversial, far-right activist.

“This is a tremendous harbinger of success that proves not only that there is a desire for this type of content, but also that top conservative talent is flocking to new platforms where they can make their voices heard,” said Kolvet.

Live TPUSA segment
Aria Park, host Jon Root, Morgan Zegler, Alex Clark and Anthony Watson on TPUSA Live.
Turning United States

LIVE TPUSA is the latest initiative to be launched aimed at attracting more young conservatives. It follows alternative technology social media site GETTR, a Twitter-style platform with posts and hot topics that was started by former Trump senior adviser Jason Miller. This site, however, was plagued by privacy and security concerns, with some users rating its content “extreme”.

In terms of other conservative initiatives, former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker launched the program titled “The Long Game” in March in response to his belief that “Freedom of speech is under attack by Big Tech censorship. , left-wing radicalism and a culture of fear and intimidation. “

Walker is president of the Young America’s Foundation, one of the nation’s largest organizations for college curators. He cited the program’s goals to add 2,000 additional YAF chapters to universities, technical schools and community colleges. It also aims to attract more conservative speakers to colleges across the country and increase the organization’s online presence.

Correction 9/19/21 5:52 PM ET: This article has been updated to correct the spelling of Jon Root.

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