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Conde Nast Health Continues To Woo Pharmaceutical Advertisers With New Multimedia Content, Including Twitter Connection


Fingers crossed for a face-to-face comeback next year, Conde Nast hosted his third annual Health NewFront and second virtual event.

With an eye on health and wellness topics over the past year, the media company has expanded its content offering across different platforms (TV, video and podcasts) to create new spaces for advertisers.

“Health has become the cultural conversation over the past year or so,” Carrie Moore, Conde Nast Health sales manager, said in an email.

Conde Nast’s intention for 2021 remains the same, however. Leverage its powerful umbrella brand of lifestyle content, as well as personalities from specific titles such as Self, Glamor, GQ and Wired, to match pharmaceutical and health brands to target audiences.

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New this year, five of Conde Nast’s posts are teaming up with Twitter for Health X, a personalized video platform based on Twitter’s internal analytics and trend analysis. Terms-specific editorial content includes pre-roll ad placement for brands as well as custom tweets, tags, and even hashtags.

The goal of Health X is to connect the different views and content of the Conde Nast brand “not only with the conversations about health trends, but also with the real-time feeling and emotions that are unique to it. to Twitter, ”Moore noted.

Self magazine’s new editor-in-chief Leta Shy said Self is expanding its popular interactive digital experience “My Way to Well”. The project focuses on a diverse group of patients giving viewers a glimpse of what it’s like to live with chronic disease, and will now extend to GQ, Conde Nast Traveler and Epicurious.

Shy also presented Self’s new project “Self Conditionally”. Condition-specific editorial, digital, video and audio content will be created in collaboration with Self’s medical advisory committee as well as experts from the Mayo Clinic.

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Conde Nast Health saw ‘explosive growth in health and wellness content’ from 2019 to 2020: the number of visitors doubled year over year and the time spent on its content increased by 129 %, Moore said.

Despite its print origins, Conde Nast Health embraced digital even before the pandemic, quadrupling its business growth since launching four years ago. According to Moore, the company now works with 90% of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies.

The company’s cookie-less solution, called Obsidian, offers targeted artificial intelligence data analysis and continues to be of great appeal to advertisers. According to Moore, the number of campaigns generated by the product jumped 450% from January to May 2021.

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