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Chinese social media platforms say no to user influence hunting behavior over plane crash tragedy

China Eastern’s webpage turns black and white after the plane crash. Photo: CGV

Major Chinese social media platforms Weibo, Douyin and Kuaishou said they would suspend or terminate influence-hunting accounts that mocked the crash of the China Eastern Boeing 737 flight or used it as a publicity stunt at people. marketing purposes.

Jun Zhengping, a Chinese People’s Liberation Army-affiliated Weibo account, backed the banning of such social media accounts seeking influence, saying Tuesday that the misfortune of compatriots should never become a source of harm. jokes or rumours, or a marketing object.

Jun Zhengping said such influence-hunting behavior will not only cover up really useful messages, but will hurt the victims’ families for the second time. He urged netizens to support the rescue and investigation process with rational discussions.

China’s Twitter-like platform Weibo said late Monday that a total of 25 accounts had been blocked for 30 days or permanently closed for gloating and ridiculing the tragedy, in accordance with the Weibo Community Convention and other other related regulations.

The platform released a statement, saying that while most netizens followed the development of the accident and prayed for the victims, some users mocked or ridiculed the disaster or made other inappropriate remarks about the tragedy, to which the platform resolutely opposes and will deal seriously. .

Weibo reminded netizens to participate in discussions and give opinions rationally and avoid posting content that lacks empathy or spreads false information.

Chinese version of TikTok Douyin and another short video platform Kuaishou also warned users to post related information based on truth and objective principles.

For influencer hunters who attempt to mock the accident or engage in cyberbullying, once detected, the platform will either block their accounts from being published or permanently close them, according to Douyin and Kuaishou’s statements. Monday.

The rescue operation is still ongoing after a China Eastern Boeing 737 carrying 132 people crashed into the mountains earlier Monday afternoon in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Chinese President Xi Jinping said no effort should be spared in search and rescue work. Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and State Councilor Wang Yong led a team to the crash site on Monday night to guide rescue work and investigation into the cause of the accident.

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