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The number of social media users in the UK has increased by 2.3 million and the role of social platforms in our lives has fundamentally changed through the pandemic.

Social media has been an important communication channel for many years, but it is also starting to take center stage for fundraising and service delivery.

Trends to watch include the rise of live and on-demand content, social fundraising, social commerce, and larger roles for audio and messaging in the digital strategy.

What’s new on social platforms in 2022

The classics

Twitter is used by 25% of the UK population and continues to be a place where charities can connect with the journalists that hang out there and can help cut the daily news cycle.

Facebook is used daily by 44% of the UK population. During COVID-19, Facebook’s charitable giving tools and groups supported a significant digital shift for individual giving and virtual event activities.

Nick Burne, CEO of Give the sign – a tool that supports Facebook fundraising – recently posted an image from 13 organizations that raised £ 500,000 or £ 1,000,000 in a single fundraising event on Facebook.

Social fundraising began to emerge as part of the answer to the age-old question, “How do you attract young donors? 31% of adults aged 18 to 24 have participated in a social media fundraiser since the pandemic (compared to 18% of the general population).

2022 could be an explosive year for fundraising on Facebook.

Instagram also offers a number of ways for donors to give, including through increasingly popular live broadcasts. At the start of the pandemic, the live use of Instagram jumped 70%. While this has slowed down as the blocks decrease, the way we consume social content has changed. Expect more live Instagram fundraisers in 2022.

The other huge opportunity on Instagram in 2022 is social commerce. Almost a quarter of UK buyers (23%) now use social media to discover new products. Instagram’s recent store updates have made it a leader in the race to dominate social commerce – as much as 70% of consumers go to Instagram to discover a product

Emerging platforms

The other potential favorite for Social Commerce Platform of the Year in 2022 is Pinterest. The platform launched a number of new features, including an expanded partnership with the e-commerce tool Shopify, extensive advertising options such as retargeting and detailed reports on view versus click statistics.

TikTok shouldn’t really be in the emerging section – it has arrived.

TikTok themselves say “everyone is here: Gen X, Gen Z, Millennials and Baby Boomers.” But when you break it down 26% of TikTok users in the UK are between 18 and 24 years old, making them the largest user demographic.

The three reasons to be on TikTok in 2022 are to target Gen Z audiences, to hone your content creators on the popular short video format that has taken over Instagram, and to be ready for the possible expansion of the. TikTok philanthropy program.

Being on TikTok is the test of the future your work.

Despite being the second most popular social media network, YouTube is often a sideshow when it should be one of the classics.

On-demand websites are quickly replacing traditional streaming and with the ability to fundraise on the tested platform in some regions, 2022 could see YouTube become important to UK charities.

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