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New Delhi [India]Oct 31 (ANI): Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar says social media platforms claim to have content posting policies, but also have the “power of algorithm” in play. “Earlier or deeper red flagging of fake news based on modus operandi and known genres.”

His remarks came as he addressed the inaugural ceremony of the two-day international conference on the theme “Role, Framework and Capacity of Election Management Bodies”.

Kumar highlighted the intersection of EMB operation with social media platforms. He added that social media platforms claim to have content posting policies, but they also have “algorithmic power” at play.

“Earlier or deeper reporting of fake news based on known modus operandi and genres is not an unfair expectation on the part of EMBs,” he stressed. Kumar added that such a proactive approach to countering fake news will facilitate credible election results that will help preserve the “freedoms” that social media platforms need to thrive.

In its opening speech at the inaugural ceremony, the CEC said that “free, fair, inclusive, accessible and non-incentive elections being the cornerstone of democratic rule, are a prerequisite for peace and dividends of development. These threshold concepts embody the understanding that sovereignty belongs to and derives from the people of a country.

He added that inclusiveness also means adjusting inequalities, especially for women, people with disabilities, older people, young voters and marginalized populations.

Kumar, while emphasizing the idea of ​​democracy in India, said democracy has always been part of the Indian ethos, a way of life. Diverse opinions, dialogue, discussion, accommodation and non-aggression are part of our culture. He added that people’s confidence in election results is the most fundamental precept of a healthy democracy.

While emphasizing the importance of the conference theme, he said that “the role, framework and capacity of election management bodies” is the cornerstone of “election integrity” as it covers both fundamental and functional aspects of any electoral democracy. . CEC Rajiv Kumar offered the ICT expertise in election management to democracies around the world to move the Summit commitments towards concrete results.

Addressing the conference, US Chargé Elizabeth Jones said the relationship with India was most important.

She added that the partnership is growing stronger to address global challenges and cooperate to bring peace, security and prosperity across the world. She pointed out that the United States and India have contributed significantly to the building of democratic institutions. She said that the ECI has made critical achievements in promoting democratic principles while tackling challenges.

“The Indian Election Commission is a testament to a well-run election management body that oversees electoral processes. The United States welcomes your leadership and the sharing of your expertise with other democracies. India’s election administration has set standards for democracies around the world,” she added.

She also highlighted various emerging challenges in the conduct of elections, including manipulation of the information environment, barriers to the participation of women and marginalized communities, shrinking civic spaces and systemic corruption that undermine the electoral integrity.

DG IIIDEM and Senior DEC Shri Dharmendra Sharma welcomed delegates to the two-day conference. Mohd. Irfan Abdool Rahman, Electoral Commissioner of Mauritius, AggelikiBarouta, Head of Elections Department and Pol. Parties, Ministry of Interior, Greece, Anthony Banbury, President and CEO, International Foundation for Electoral Systems, Kevin Casas-Zamora, Secretary General, International IDEA, UNDP EMB representatives including Armenia, Mauritius , Nepal, Cape Verde, Australia, Chile, Federal States of Micronesia, Greece, Philippines, Excellencies, Ambassadors/High Commissioners and other members of the diplomatic corps of Costa Rica, Ghana, Jamaica, Albania, Nepal, Greece, Montenegro, Spain, officials from ECI and Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India are attending the two-day conference.

The latest edition of the ECI magazine “Voice International” on the theme “Collaboration and Partnerships for Voter Education and Awareness” showcasing the best initiatives of EMBs was also unveiled on this occasion. (ANI)

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