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Cardano-based social media platforms seek to transform our online interactions

In general, Blockchain technology has given new meaning to the way we use the internet, especially social media through decentralization. The fast-growing Cardano Blockchain has attracted its fair share of developers looking to create various social platforms that allow you and me to interact in a more decentralized and permissionless way. These platforms together form the vibrant Cardano social media ecosystem.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Cardano social media ecosystem. Additionally, we’ve highlighted a few notable projects that are turning heads within the ecosystem.

The Blockchain Cardano has been at the forefront of embracing the new culture of decentralization through various blockchain components. Social dApps on Cardano have continued to grow steadily and more since Cardano implemented the use of smart contracts in September 2021.

While Cardano is still challenged by Ethereum – such as the number of dApps on Ethereum (social or otherwise), the Cardano Social Media ecosystem has demonstrated continuous improvement and an increase in active users. This can be attributed to the peer review and research approach, which Cardano developers use to ensure that they are building functional and practical decentralized applications.

The ADA social media ecosystem is an essential part of the Cardano chain which has not yet reached its potential and is therefore very ripe (like Cardano) for innovative projects. As the social media space slowly but surely moves towards a decentralized and uncensored future, there is no doubt that more social projects will emerge on Cardano.

Stake table is a social staking marketplace that strives to provide Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) and delegators with the tools and incentives to support their growing numbers and the growth of the entire Cardano chain.

The platform hopes to improve the staking experience by making delegation easier and more rewarding, encouraging decentralization by improving transparency between SPOs and delegators, and providing adequate opportunities for SPOs and delegators. This will ensure a harmonious relationship and consensus between the stake pool operators and the delegators.

Stakeboard incorporates an interesting feature known as “Detective Alice”. Alice is a bot designed to protect Stakeboard users from malicious and fraudulent parties who seek to scam users in some way while betting on various pools.

Additionally, the platform allows stake pool operators to verify their stake pools in a very easy and streamlined process, thereby minimizing or even eliminating potential scams in the industry. In addition to providing SPOs and delegators with a platform for effective communication, Stakeboard seeks to revolutionize and streamline Cardano’s Defi space.


SoMee is an uncensored, free-speech social media platform where users have full control over their content, have complete control over who sees their content and information, and can directly earn by interacting with others on the platform. Simply put, SoMee is redefining the way we use social media by prioritizing content privacy, control and monetization.

SoMee is interoperable with other networks and thus supports cross-posting to different networks, diversifying your interactions and revenue opportunities.” Additionally, the platform contains an integrated wallet; the SoMee Wallet, which, using blockchain technology, holds all your earnings from SoMee. SoMee users receive daily payments for content and upvoting rewards directly into their SoMee wallet.

The wallet puts users in control of their private keys, while allowing them to trade between different tokens in an integrated token exchange with over 100 ERC-20 tokens. To ensure platform and wallet security, SoMee uses two-factor authentication.

SoMee, which was launched at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2021, is live with its beta version and has successfully launched its Android and IOS mobile applications.


Profile is an unattended data exchange, engagement and marketing platform that allows users to take control of their personal data and earn by allowing others to use it. It could also be termed as a data engagement platform between people and brands, as it provides a suite of tools that helps people manage their personal data and choose what they want to share with different brands. .

These tools are essential to represent the exact data of a user on the “Profila” of the users, here the user can manage his information, his interests and his preferences via a mobile application. The user can then control access to data by brands as well as hold brands accountable for how they use user data. This is a benefit for both parties as they receive highly personalized data and content, allowing for optimal monetization.

The platform also plays a vital role for investors, whether for people or the brand, as they can directly access the relationship between people and brands, especially from comments. This, combined with their native “Zero Knowledge Token” ($ZYT), which is earned through the management of personal data, makes Profila a complete and healthy ecosystem with many benefits for all parties involved.

Cardano’s social media ecosystem is large and continues to grow as the general number of Cardano users and dApps increases over time. Apart from the key players mentioned above, we have other social platforms like GoKey, BrandSensed, SoMeeand ActivADA who have shown significant progress and a vision for the ecosystem.

Cardano’s social media ecosystem has demonstrated significant and impressive growth, especially during the 4and quarter of 2021, where several outfits were launched on the ecosystem. As Cardano moves towards mainstream adoption, the ecosystem can only thrive with the expectation of more dApps in the space, as the blockchain is scalable, durable, and interoperable with other protocols.

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