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Be “incredibly resource and bandwidth aware” when creating social media content, says TIME Senior Social Strategy Officer

Over the past year and a half, a flood of new features on social media platforms has forced social media practitioners to be deliberate and discretionary about which features are worth incorporating into their marketing and marketing strategies. constantly evolving communication.

Organizations that see the most success with these new features are also intentional about where and how these features fit into their sales and marketing funnel to better understand whether each tool is worth the budget and the extra resources.

Ahead of her session at Ragan’s social media conference at Walt Disney World on September 9, we caught up with Kassidy Silva, Senior Director of Social Strategy at TIME, to find out how her team determined the value of the new features and tools on social media. fit into the publication’s broader digital strategy.

Ragan: What’s the one thing in your morning routine that sets you up for success for the day ahead?

Silva: A tall glass of Stok Cold Brew Coffee… nothing is done without coffee.

Ragan: If you had one word to describe your role, what would it be?
Silva: Dynamic.

Ragan: What element of your multiplatform social media strategy at TIME do you see as your biggest win?

Silva: After hours of creating endless flowcharts, my biggest victory was crafting a cohesive audience development strategy to effectively move different segments through personalized consumer journeys.

Ragan: What’s the biggest change you’ve seen with the adoption of new features and tools over the past year and a half?

Silva: Over the past year, more and more social users have adapted and created content with new features. It’s not just about publishers or big content creators anymore.

Ragan: What new techniques and approaches will accompany you once the pandemic is over?

Silva: With social media, we are always incredibly aware of the resources and bandwidth to create content using new tools. Our team is therefore incredibly attentive to new features that fit into our overall strategy, some do and some don’t. Not all new tools have to be part of your strategy, just the ones that work for your audience.

Hear more from Kassidy Silva during Ragan’s social media talk September 9 at Walt Disney World. Learn more and register here.


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