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Ai-Media Partners with Leading Media Technology Provider Grass Valley

Ai-Media is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Grass Valley, provider of AMPP, the world’s first agile production and distribution platform.

As a platform for virtual media production tools, Grass Valley’s AMPP enables media producers to create live content from anywhere and distribute it anywhere. The solution greatly simplifies the process of localizing content for different regions and different audiences.

Grass Valley AMPP users can now add Ai-Media’s automated live Lexi captions to their real-time content with just a few clicks. Grass Valley customers can also add live multilingual captions through Ai-Media’s Lexi Translate automated solution.

As a member of the Grass Valley Alliance, Ai-Media’s virtual captioning encoder, iCap Alta, seamlessly integrates with Grass Valley’s AMPP to be part of its cloud architecture.

Ai-Media Sales Director, James Ward said:

“We are a customer-driven organization and as we see broadcasters and content owners move more and more towards a cloud-native production environment, we want to ensure that we provide the convenience of adding seamlessly our best live captioning solutions to their content. .

“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Grass Valley and launch our live captioning solutions on the AMPP platform. This partnership will provide broadcasters and content owners with market-leading solutions to make their content accessible in any language. The combination of Ai-Media’s Lexi and iCap Alta products within Grass Valley’s AMPP creates an easy-to-use, cloud-native platform where highly accurate, reliable, and secure live captions can be added to any any content.

Grass Valley Strategic Marketing Director, Chris Merrill said:

“As a global system, AMPP is often used for content localization. The addition of AI Media’s Lexi captioning solution simplifies our customers’ production processes by automating captions during the localization process.

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