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After YouTube and Facebook, Google blocks Russian media platforms


New Delhi: Google on Saturday banned all Russian state media from making money on its platforms. This comes amid Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

It is followed in the same way by its subsidiary YouTube and Facebook.

A Google spokesperson said in a statement, “In response to the war in Ukraine, we are suspending Google’s monetization of Russian state-funded media on our platforms.”

“We are actively monitoring new developments and will take further action as necessary.”

Google’s move came to light after YouTube announced it would block certain Russian media channels from monetizing their videos, among other restrictions.

A YouTube spokesperson said in a statement, “In light of the extraordinary circumstances in Ukraine, we are taking a number of steps.” “Our teams have begun suspending the ability of certain channels to monetize on YouTube, including RT’s YouTube channels globally,” the spokesperson said, referring to the Russian state-funded outlet.

On Friday, Facebook also banned Russian state media from serving ads and monetizing through its platform.

After Moscow invaded Ukraine, all nations of the world issued sanctions against Russian companies, banks and officials.

“As always, our teams continue to closely monitor new developments, including assessing what any new sanctions and export controls could mean for YouTube,” the platform’s spokesperson said.

Additionally, YouTube also said it would limit recommendations to the same channels and “continue to actively serve authoritative news content” in search results related to Russia and Ukraine.

Videos from RT and a number of other channels will also be “restricted” by YouTube, the company said.

In early February, Germany banned RT, prompting Russia to close the Moscow office of German media outlet Deutsche Welle.

YouTube noted that in the past few days it has removed hundreds of channels, including some for “coordinated deceptive practices,” the term the company uses for misinformation.

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