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AEC celebrates successful disinformation partnerships with online media platforms

With the 2022 Federal Elections over, the Australian Elections Commission highlights the success of its work with online media platforms to protect and promote electoral integrity in Australia.

The announcement:

Electoral Commissioner Tom Rogers commented on the AEC’s work with online platforms.

“Despite the best efforts of a small number of actors, the AEC has seen much lower levels of election misinformation and disinformation in this election than in other like-minded democratic elections around the world.”

“We know Australians will not tolerate this type of content circulating and trying to undermine public confidence in our elections. I am happy to say that the success of the AEC’s relationships with online platforms has made a big difference in this regard,” said Rogers.

“The low levels of misinformation and misinformation we have seen this year are a great result for the AEC’s reputation management strategy. It also reflects the hard work of members of the Election Integrity Assurance Task Force and administrators of the online platforms used by Australians.

In preparation for the 2022 federal election, the AEC engaged with online platforms to protect and promote election integrity online. A written agreement reflecting these efforts has been finalized between the AEC, Meta, Twitter, Google, Microsoft and TikTok. This agreement established a framework for detailed operational provisions allowing the AEC and the Task Force to return harmful election content to online platforms for review and removal, where the content violated relevant legislation or the platform’s own policies. .

“The AEC acknowledges the support we have received from online platforms to combat misinformation and their assistance in maintaining the integrity of the 2022 Federal Election. We look forward to continuing this commitment for future Australian elections,” Rogers said.

The AEC has also worked with online platforms on public engagement and education initiatives, including interactive election hubs, reminders of key election dates, and the promotion of informative AEC content such as as the AEC website, AECTV YouTube channel and AEC Twitter.

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