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7 in 10 voters support teaching social media literacy in schools

More than 70% of voters said they supported teaching students about the benefits and risks of social media in schools, according to a new Morning Consult / Politico poll, which comes after the Florida Senate. advanced an invoice this would require such a practice in state public schools.

Why is this important

Florida State Senator Danny Burgess (right), the sponsor of the bill, said during a Senate Education Committee hearing last month that legislation is needed because children “lose their innocence” every day. The bill also comes after recent revelations about the mental health effects Girls’ Instagram and several Federal Congressional hearings on social media.

Burgess said many parents are unfamiliar with social media, so educators can step in to help young people understand their risks and benefits.

Experts said that as social media has become more important, legislation that provides education to young people about it will become necessary.

“Children these days are growing up in a world where everything happens online as much as it does in real life,” said Ashley Johnson, senior policy analyst at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. “Teaching them how to live in this world makes sense. It’s a smart move, and it could also potentially give them the skills they need for the workplace, as social media can be a great tool for professional development as well.

The survey was conducted from December 4 to 6, 2021 among 2,000 registered voters and has a margin of error of 2 percentage points.

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