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6 in 10 US consumers think social media platforms are responsible for dangerous content as well as branded ads / Digital Information World


These days, most social media users notice that many big companies market their products alongside dangerous and “dangerous” content. This is very shocking to consumers of brands they care about.

So who is responsible for this act, brand marketers or social media platforms?

To get the answer, the team of Full ads conducted an investigation among 1,000 social media users in the United States. 59% of respondents believe that social media platforms are responsible for mixing and promoting dangerous content with brand ads. They believe that this type of act has hit the credibility of the brand hard. While on the other hand, 36% think that advertisers are responsible for it. They are responsible for caring about the type of content their marketing ads appear, while 5% have now expressed an opinion on this.

However, of those 1,000 social media users surveyed, “nearly half (47%) of consumers say they have an unfavorable view of brands whose ads appear alongside inappropriate content, proving the significant impact this can have on consumers. social campaigns.

Brands that promote their content and products on websites and platforms with sloppy or dangerous content play a rather negative role. Users and customers of these marks hold the name and its associations close to them, but when such irresponsible acts are witnessed, they become discouraging and their belief and reliability become questionable.

While brands may not be 100% responsible in such circumstances, from what we believe, they should at least be vigilant about where their content, name and products are marketed and represented online. If they start noticing and ensuring that their branding and marketing is only done on safe and quality websites, not only will they be better liked by new users, but their current users will also be satisfied. . Take a look at the graphs below for more information:

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