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5 social media platforms to watch in 2021


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Much of our reality continues to transfer to social media. In 2021, there were 3.78 billion social media users, and that number expected to grow 3.9% by 2025. Among other reasons, this sharp increase in the number of social media users is that people are drawn to quick access to quality information.

Social media is not just a tool without which we cannot survive. It’s a self-sustaining industry transforming the way humans work, gain knowledge, share experience, and cooperate. Social media promises to stick around for a long time – especially with their latest audio and virtual reality-based trends – to continue to meet the most basic human needs: realistic social communication.

These five new social media platforms are the ones you need to watch out for as they seek to make it easy to connect in their own way.

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Club house

Clubhouse is a social network that has gone viral following Elon Musk’s interview on the platform. In 2021, he reached 2.2 million downloads with his minimalist concept of room talks.

The platform brings together people from the same field under separate conversation topics. By following one of the available topics, users are notified of the rooms where audio conversations take place. There are profile photos, usernames, and live audio material from the speakers.

Despite a remarkable jump in popularity at the start of the year, Clubhouse gave way. However, according to the comment of the spokesperson for Sensor Tower, retention among its users remains high.

Clubhouse is an invitation-only app. New users can join either by inviting the existing user or entering the waiting list. Although initially launched only for iOS users, Clubhouse has recently become available to Android users.

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EduDo is a self-development multimedia platform designed for those who are ready to be better and proficient in anything from food hacks to space tech.

The application connects those who wish to share their knowledge with those who wish to understand it. People can share their ideas on topics such as money and business advice, math and physics, art and culture, technology, food, and more. This tool helps to integrate personal development into your life.

Me us

MeWe is shaping up to be a platform that tackles a big social media issue: the privacy of user data.

MeWe offers the possibility to chat, share audio, photo and video material and create a flow of the spheres that interest you the most. MeWe claims that the algorithms in the app aren’t using your data to manipulate the stream anyway. Users only see what they choose to follow, without the ads or suggestions part, as the platform does not sell the data of its registered users to third parties for targeting activities.


Caffeine is a reimagined live streaming platform that brings artists, players and athletes together in one place.

The platform was created by former Apple designers in 2018 and achieved greater popularity throughout 2020. Caffeine allows users to share live streams with friends and subscribers, and can also stream video games directly from the computer or television screen. As the videos are shown in real time, all interactions are natural, as if the participants were in the same room.

Broadcasts are displayed in the feed and users can interact with them using emojis or comments. Caffeine has already attracted many celebrities by giving them the ability to deliver content directly to their audience.


Unlike other photo sharing apps, in Dispo, images are only published the next morning and cannot be edited or viewed. An automatic filter is applied to the image, as in disposable cameras. As a result, you can have more authentic and natural photos. To enter Dispo, you must have an invitation from its user. After registration, everyone receives 20 invitations.

A few decades ago, it might seem a little strange to join someone’s live or recorded training to improve a qualification or learn new practical skills. These days, those who do not have a basic knowledge of online learning tools can fall for life. Make sure you catch the wave of rising social media platforms, before the wave hits.

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