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4 Social Media Platforms You Must Use For Promotion

It is true that advertising is an art form. It’s always about teams of people working on the image, the slogans, and whatever it takes to make a product desirable. When you think of a successful promotional campaign, what comes to mind? Clever installations, skillful sets and stunning visuals as well as celebrities or models.

The recipe for success remains the same: you have to be memorable to convince yourself that you are the number one choice among your competition. But it’s not enough to create beautiful visuals or use catchy tunes. This implies a more thoughtful ethical approach, transparency and relevance. The people drive the demand, not the other way around.

Most importantly, you need to choose the right platform to promote your services. For example, professional essay writing service Advice posts that appear on Instagram’s news feed would gain more attention than on Facebook. It’s important to know your audience and their preferences on social media. This way your promotion is organic and relevant, rather than harassing people.

It is also about prioritizing and distributing your efforts effectively. It may seem like there aren’t as many social media platforms to focus on. But this is how the magic of the Internet works. There is more to it than what you can see with the naked eye.

Why social networks?

Traditional advertising channels and media still exist. Yet there are several nuances in traditional marketing as we know it.

If you are a small business owner, you don’t have the opportunity or the budget to campaign and hire an agency. At the same time, if you are an active internet user, you know firsthand how quickly news spreads on social media platforms. It’s also more accessible to small businesses and entrepreneurs, as you don’t need to acquire additional tools to access analytics.

To name a few different kinds of social media:

  • Social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Flickr;
  • Microblogging: Twitter, Tumblr, DeviantArt;
  • Photo sharing: Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, also Tumblr;
  • Video sharing: Vimeo, YouTube, TikTok;

Again, your strategy will depend on the services or products that you are promoting. Either way, you can get the most out of your content by reaching the right audience through the right channels.


This dependence Social media platform is both a blessing and a curse for many people. It has a unique addictive nature with its non-chronological feed and no indication of time spent on the app. It would be unfair to say that TikTok is only owned by young people, as various creators can reach their target audience by engaging content.

The major advantage of TikTok is the format of the videos. You can create 15 or 60 second clips, and now you can present 3 minutes of content. This allows you to think of engaging and remarkable ads that may have low production value. Experiment with music and tags that can reach a larger audience.

The only downside to the platform is the unpredictable algorithm. You can either flop or wake up famous. It’s a new platform to explore and try.

  • 1 billion monthly active users;
  • TikTok is at the forefront of engagement for all content creators compared to other platforms;


Recent news indicates the self-awareness of instagram and its influence in the market. The app’s features are now more designer and brand-focused, making it more of a market than a custom photo sharing app. But it also offers huge opportunities to increase your website traffic and get the audience you need.

Instagram requires high-quality, attention-grabbing posts and photos. It gives you the ability to update your customers in a timely manner through stories. In addition, it gives you transparency when you have collaborations or sponsorships.

In comparison with other platforms, Instagram is still one of the main social media with high engagement rates. If you’ve mastered all of the analytics tools and know how to boost your posts, it’s all about practice and consistency to keep your brand visible.

  • 1 billion monthly active users;
  • Instagram has a lot more engagement than YouTube, but it still lags behind TikTok’s stats;


Twitter is one of those apps where you need to brace yourself. It’s one of those platforms that promotes people who know what they’re doing with the art of conversation and timely humor. Your tweet can explode into the news if you know the right time to post it.

Twitter is beneficial because it offers different ways to interact with your tweets (retweets, replies and impressions). You also have access to the analyzes and tools necessary to promote your account. For several years, Twitter has indeed designed more flexible options for entrepreneurs and businesses.

  • 350 million monthly active users;
  • Twitter has a decent engagement rate for promoting your product;


The days of YouTube influencers may seem to be going backwards, with fewer and fewer YouTube personalities appearing in the public eye. Yet, it remains the best accommodation to build your brand and provide your customers with relevant information. It is designed for a longer term relationship with your audience.

It’s always good to create collaborations with other brands and emphasize your brand’s schtick. You can easily find your customers by applying the right promotion tools.

  • 2 billion monthly active users;
  • YouTube has less visible engagement, but it can still be used to boost brand visibility on other platforms;


It’s good to start with popular platforms to get a niche for your product. It’s good to start with one platform at a time. You need to give your audience the opportunity to share their opinions and communicate with you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your promotional content or take a chance when you see one. Remember how Barilla cleverly used the features of Spotify playlists to engrave their name in people’s memory? This is how you see and seize the opportunities that platforms offer you, even when it is not obvious.

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