How to make a “Ball and Chain” for a Bachelor Party

Bored with the idea of forcing a soon-be-married Bachelor to wear a ‘funny’ t-shirt or phallic symbol on his Buck’s Night (aka Bachelor Party or Stag Party), I decided to make my own ‘Ball and Chain’ and attach it to him for the entire night.

Marriage (for the guy) is often compared to being attached to a ball and chain and so what better way to get the victim use to the idea that to actually chain him to one for the night. You can’t easily walk into a shop and ballball and chain, so I decided to make my own. The completed item is shown in the left photo below, and in the right photo the same ball and chain this time in actual use.

Continue reading for step-by-step instructions on making your own …

Ball and Chain Materials

  • Bowling Ball
  • Epoxy adhesive (aka 2-part glue, araldite etc)
  • Chain
  • Padlock (and key)
  • Spray paint / Texta

Bowling Ball:

I bought this on eBay and choose a 14 lb (approximately 6 kg) ball. You want it heavy enough so that it is inconvenient, but not so heavy that the victim is going to collapse exhausted by the end of the night. Remember to take into account that the victim is likely to be totally drunk and unable to stand upright, let alone carry a heavy weight around … although it is highly amusing to watch them try …

Epoxy adhesive / 2-part glue / Araldite:

This goes by various names, but you basically want the strongest adhesive you can find. Epoxy glue is the stuff that generally comes in two tubes – you squeeze equal amounts of each tube out and mix the contents together to form the glue. When I was sourcing the materials for this project, the sales people at the hardware store didn’t believe epoxy adhesive would be able to support a 14 lb weight – I can assure you it can!


Make sure that one end of the chain can fit into the finger holes of the bowling ball. The length of the chain should be enough that you can wrap one end around his ankle and for him to have enough slack in the chain that he can carry the ball in his arms as he walks around. On the night, if you want to make it more amusing, wrap more of the chain around his ankle so he has to stoop when carrying the ball :)

Spray Paint / Texta:

You want some way of writing the name of the fiancee on the bowling ball. I ran out of time so simply printed the name on a piece of paper and stuck that on the ball. If I had more time I would have spray painted her name onto it.


Take one bowling ball. Squirt the contents of the 2-part epoxy adhesive into the largest finger hole in the bowling ball and mix the contents well. Once done, insert one end of the chain into the finger hole as far as it will go. Rig up some supports to ensure that the ball doesn’t roll away and that the chain is supported whilst the glue dries (see photo right).

Wait 3 days for the epoxy glue to fully solidify and gain maximium strength. Once set, write the financee’s name on the ball.

That’s it – you have an unusual Bachelor Party prank to play on the bachelor!

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7 Comments on "How to make a “Ball and Chain” for a Bachelor Party"

  1. Timbo
    20/05/2007 at 10:58 am Permalink

    Now that’s a nice project. It shows anyone who can see what marriage means.
    To ensure the fit of the glue you might work a little cave inside the finger hole before filling in the glue. That way the chain won’t EVER slip out, e.g. if the soon-to-be-married start combatting with it.

  2. Larry
    22/05/2007 at 7:50 am Permalink

    Funny stuff. You should check out the new book BACHELOR PARTY CONFIDENTIAL. In fact, you can submit your story at

  3. Henry Shore
    14/11/2007 at 10:58 pm Permalink

    OK so its the sort of party you are likely to get drunk at…drunk enough to lose the key to that padlock…interesting? (of course no-one would be so bad as to lose it deliberately would they)

  4. rob
    15/05/2008 at 10:59 pm Permalink

    Nice, glad to see someone else put in some work and made their own rather than settling for the cheap plastic stuff they sell in stores.
    Check my ball and chain making experience:

  5. Felix Valencia
    13/11/2008 at 8:14 am Permalink


  6. Daniel Davis
    26/05/2010 at 4:52 pm Permalink

    i really love to attend in parties because it is fun an you met a lot of new friends.:*`

  7. juicer special
    27/11/2013 at 1:11 pm Permalink

    I tend not to leave a lot of comments, but I read a few of the responses here How to make a “Ball and Chain” for a Bachelor Party

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